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Kanovitch embodies first and foremost the innovative spirit of a sneakers enthusiast, Kevin Novitch. The young man declines his own vision of the sneaker by making the synthesis of the desires of his generation : a carefully designed style with casual elegance that expresses itself through an optimal comfort and luxurious materials.

Kanovitch designs each of its models with the same high standards that typifies the great Parisian tailors : alike a bespoke suit, the sneaker is conceived as a unique piece in full harmony with the foot and the gait of the recipient, in order to meet the ex- pectations a demanding clientele who is looking for a casual and bold look.


Kevin Novitch grew up in the south of France. After studying business management in the United States, where he fell for Modern Art, Kevin embraced an artistic agent career through which he rubbed shoulders with the big names of the international scene.

The idea of creating sneakers took shape in his mind during his many trips between Europe and the United States: indeed, the young man wanted a comfortable pair of sneakers with both a daring style and luxurious materials, which does not deny comfort.A luxury item for the everyday life that would provide a casual yet distinc- tive look.Three and a half years of thought and design have been needed to create a unique line of sneakers. A decisive meeting in Porto Cervo, Sardinia, enabled to move from the drawing to the actual product.


The Kanovitch style is the combination of a sober design with luxurious finishes, mixed with a touch of eccentricity. Each model is a unique piece designed from pre- cious metals and the most beautiful leather hides.

The high top sneaker stands out with its tongue, adorned with a 24 carat gold-plated bracelet, which subtly emphasizes the pure line of the sneaker.The sole, paved with several fine screws, has been design for ultra light comfort. The pair comes with a precious screwdriver to remove or screw the jewel to the shoe according to the mood of the moment. Once used, the screwdriver slips on the back of the sneaker. The bracelet is conceived as a detachable and functional ornament.

The low sneaker, another iconic with its pure line, comes in fresh and vitamin tones. The precious screws that characterize the Kanovitch sole are accompanied here by a copper nail-shaped bracelet around the heel, which gives the model such a recog- nizable look.


Designed between Paris and the south of France, the collections are made in Civi- tanova Marche, a small manufacturing town of the center of Italy, which is renowned for the expertise and mastery in leather of its craftsmen. As genuine luxury items, Kanovitch sneakers are conceived in the ethical respect of an artisanal production that highlights a ‘hand made’ craftsmanship.

Kanovitch stands for the union of the French avant-garde with the authenticity of the Italian ateliers.

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